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The Keys to Affordable Holiday Travel

No matter which religion you subscribe to, if any at all, most people in the world celebrate some type of holiday around this time of year. Even if you’re only using the break as an excuse to get away from your mundane surroundings, it’s still a holiday. And if you’re like 30% of the people out there, you’re planning on traveling this holiday season.

Before you pack your bags and go, though, you should first think about using some money-saving tips on your travels. Gifts and cuisine and other holiday-specific expenses can already be putting pressure on your finances. Try out some tips this year in order to save big on a great holiday.


Five Tips for Inexpensive Holiday Getaways

1: Avoid the Crowded Areas
Those crowded areas, aka tourist traps, will really damage your wallet this holiday season. A simple meal in a tourist trap can cost 60% more than the same meal at a location off the beaten path. Although those popular destinations may be calling your name, you should spin that globe around and point again if you land on a popular locale. You can’t save money by following the herd.

2: Find Different Travel Arrangements
If you’re traveling from Virginia to Wisconsin for Christmas, or anywhere in that relative distance, think about a bus or a train rather than a flight. If you’re going from Italy to Taiwan for the holidays, then you can always look for different airlines to save money, or even find flights at the gate with discounted seats. The idea here is to check around until you can find some discounts.

3: Always use a Coupon!
If you’ve ever seen the show Extreme Couponing, then you know that some people push $1,000 worth of merchandise over the conveyor and end up paying less than $100. That’s the power of the coupon! And while you may not save 90% on your vacation, using a solid coupon and working to find online vacation deals will help you save a ton of money overall.

4: Think about the Whole Family
One of the best ways to save on a holiday vacation is to take your whole family. If you’re bringing along brothers and parents and other members of the family, not only will you receive discounted rates with most airlines and on most total packages, but you can also have other people pitch in. This might not be your ideal situation, but if you’re trying to save money, it’s a great tip.

5: Find Hotel Deals
If you’re going to vest in the family package, then you’ll have to find other ways to save on your stay if it’s just you or a plus-one. This is when using promo codes for Expedia or other hotel discount coupons will work out well for you. Hotel-specific promos can save you a lot without having to sacrifice accommodation quality.

If you’re willing to follow the five simple tips above, this year’s holiday travel shouldn’t cost you a lot of money at all. Of course, you’ll have to find another article for headache-prevention tips. But for saving money, this information should more than suffice.


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