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Sitting at the pebbly shores of the Baie des Angeshe, the beautiful city of Nice is a place which has seen its share of celebrities. The city itself, along with the travellers it welcomes every year, has a knack for luxury and better things in life. That is why during my last visit to the city, I wanted to pamper myself with Blacklane’s airport transfer service in Nice. This app based car service provides airport transfers in over 250 cities, to and from 400+ airports. I have heard a lot about their excellent service, so I wanted to try them out myself. And that was a brilliant decision indeed! The awesome experience I had with Blacklane in Nice, made me feel no lesser than a celebrity on the way to my hotel from the airport.

The Ease of Booking a Ride:

As you may know, the real pain just after landing in a new city, lies in trying to find a cab to your hotel from the airport. Most of the times, the cab booths have a huge queue in front of them. It becomes really tedious after a long flight to stand in a queue with all your luggage. And let’s not even talk about the array of scams, the amount of bargaining or the huge language barrier you might face while booking a cab.

With Blacklane, all of those problems just went away. I had had to log onto their website, enter my details like pickup location, name, flight number, journey date, card details etc. and voila! My ride from Nice Côte d’Azur International Airport to my hotel was booked, just like that! And I did this days ahead of my travel date! So there were no hustle of landing in the city and booking the cab, or anything like that. You can also book a ride using their mobile based application too.

The Awesome Experience:

On my date of journey I received a message with my driver’s name and number. That’s standard, obviously. However, what’s not standard is, after landing I saw my driver was waiting at the gate of the Airport with my name card. I also didn’t had to rush for a moment, as Blacklane’s airport pickups include one hour of free waiting time.

After I got out from the airport, my driver greeted me with a smile and helped meme with my luggage. He seemed really friendly and we went in front of my car. Well this s when I got completely stumped over. My ride was a beautiful black Mercedes, with stunning looks and extremely comfortable interiors. The ride to my hotel from the airport was so comfortable and relaxing, that I just got bowled over by the experience. My drive drove very professionally, he seemed to know the roads well and bed me farewell after dropping me in from of the entrance of my hotel.

All in all, the whole experience of riding with Blacklane was so memorable, that I got completely sold on their service. It was truly the best airport transfer service I have ever experienced. I do recommend you try them out as well. You can be sure to have one of the most memorable rides of your life.


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