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The Smells of a Tropical Getaway

I find the best vacations are those that ignite all of your senses but in particular, it’s the sense of smell that really adds to the appeal. There is a fair body of evidence that suggests your sense of smell is the strongest sense tied to memory, so engaging it is a sure fire way to ensure you have a trip to remember.

All vacations have their familiar smells, regardless of if it’s a backpacking odyssey or a road trip with only periodic emergences. There are smells that are distinct only to certain locales, be it the smell of freshly baked bread in a bakery district or the grotesque but oddly appealing odour of a millennia old sewer system. Those who routinely travel to Australia will surely recognize many of the pleasant smells associated with the area, such as the barbecues, the fresh rain, and the salt water. You will remember these smells for the rest of your life, instantly transporting yourself back there if you get a hint of that smell in your every day life.

Here are a few of the great scents from a tropical vacation that you will bring back home with you!

The Food

Food is one of the great pleasures in life and it isn’t just restricted to the sense of taste – its smell is enough to make you dream of your little island in the sun. The smell of Australian cuisine is sure to bring back fond memories to those who have visited the area, from the leg of lamb roasts to simple fish and chip dishes, the outback has some incredible meals accompanied by pleasant odors. Whether it’s the jerk chicken grilling up on the beach barbecues or delicacies that waft over you upon entering the dining hall, food just makes us feel all over good and it’s a vital part of any tropical getaway.

The Beverages

For some people, this is the only reason they make their way to an all inclusive resort – the seemingly unlimited flow of tropical drinks. With ingredients like pineapple juice, coconut milk and papayas, it’s hard not to start salivating just at the mention of them. Couple those tall cool drinks with a smidgen of rum and you’ve got the recipe for all over good times that start simply by breathing it all in.

palm-tree-beach-006The Beach

Maybe it’s the salty sea air washing over you and penetrating your senses but the smell of a great beach can make all your worried melt away. Nothing beats the brisk ocean air smell of the beaches. Brisbane is a great location for any getaway, whether you’re by yourself or with the family. Go surfing on the Gold Coast or just relax by the beach and take in the beautiful scenery that is, in many ways, unique to Australia. Those who have been to Australia before are in for a pleasant surprise if they decide to return, as the smells of the beach are sure to bring back all the great memories of their first trip. Couple this with the smell of a particular sunscreen you may use for your whole vacation and you’ll be hard pressed not to be immediately reminded of these great times once you’re back home and lathering up!

The Good Times

Do good times have a scent? There are those out there who would say of course not but really, it’s the whole experience that makes a trip memorable and the smell definitely plays a part in that. If you had a memorable time in Australia, then perhaps it is time to consider scheduling another trip to the area. It’s easy to book a trip online, and you’ll surely remember what made your first visit so incredible once those odors hit you again. From the time you set foot on the beach, grab some food or get handed a drink you know you’re in the right place because it just smells perfect and all it takes is one of those smells to hit you back home for you to be transported right back to where it all began.



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