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Things to do in Austin Texas

The capital city of Texas located near the banks of the Colorado River is one of the perfect holiday destination ideas. The city was found in the year 1839 and named after Stephen F. Austin, “Father of Texas”. Austin tourism takes you to the educational and cultural way of the city to explore the beauty of the place.

Austin tourism

The city’s old main street is a place where a popular gathering takes place in the evenings. Notable cultural attractions and entertainment will go on an entire night.

Here are some beautiful and remarkable Austin tourism attractions that one must visit:

Zilker Botanical Gardens:

The most popular green space in the Austin. The garden includes the exotic plants belong to native and hybrid, handsome trees, natural grottoes and aquatic features. It is the centerpiece of the both Zilker lake and Ladybird Johnson lake. There are some special locations especially for mountain hiking on the bike.

Austin tourism

There are many programs conducted by the Botanical gardens staff like after-school programs, art centers & programs, athletics, and nature & wildlife exhibits. There is a miniature railway inside the gardens for a ride to explore the gardens. In Austin Tourism the place is considered as one of the peaceful places.

Lady Bird Lake:

The lake was created decades back to prevent the water scarcity in the city. Now it has become one of the top commercial centers in the city, which is worthful for a visit during Austin tourism. A lot of boat rentals are available around the lake to take the visitors for a ride.

Austin tourism

Along with the boating activities, there are many auditorium shores around, where many musical festivals and concerts are conducted often.

Umlauf Sculpture Garden & Museum:

The destination is the largest collection of American sculptor Umlauf during Austin tourism. The museum invites visitors, artists, and friends across the world. The museum has permanent and exhibition collections. The sculptures here create an expression of haunting in everyone minds.

Apart from the museum the place is also a spot for the family, to spend some beautiful time in their life with their children and loved everyone loves this spot during their free time while on Austin tourism.

Day Trips- Hill country:

There is no end for the things to explore in the city. To experience the countryside, one must explore Hill country park, Cedar Park, MckinneyFalls State Park. These sites have some really beautiful views like stunning waterfalls, an opportunity for golfing, fishing, boating, water sports, hiking and bike riding on the banks of Colorado River.

Austin tourism

The steam train trail passes through some great scenic excursions. This kind of day trips helps you to make the most out of your Austin tourism.

Bullock Texas State History Museum:

The museum exhibits the most significant Texas antiquities which dates back 4000 years. Every year the museum conducts special exhibitions to educate the visitors about the ancient knowledge. This museum is one of the special visits during the Austin tourism.

Austin tourism

The museum has the knowledge and fun which can’t be described in just one line or stanza, it can only be explorable through your lens while your visit during Austin tourism.

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