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Table Mountain

The Royal Table Mountain rises above the Cape Town city. Only 10-minute travel from downtown city transports you to the base of Cape Town’s Table Mountain attraction, named for its individual flat top. An aerial cable car whisks sightseers to stunning attractions in Cape Town, and the more daring ride can reach the summit via a 3-hour climb from the base up Platteklip Gorge with outfitter Abseil Africa. Early morning Sunrise and evening sunset are the best times to take the cable car to the Table Mountain attraction. The golden color bright light that glosses over Cape Town is the truly breathtaking attraction. Don’t forget to take your jacket, even on summer days, it can be quite cold on top of the mount.

Lion’s Head

Lion’s Head is one of the most stunning attractions in Cape Town and its shows outstanding Table Mountain views, and it makes a Lion’s Head climb an essential addition to any Cape Town trip. South Africa is repeatedly represented by the iconic Lion’s Head, and Table Mountain and Devil’s Peak, which charm the horizon Mother of attractions. The mount looms over the Town Bowl of Cape Town, and it offers the breathtaking background to millions of lovable photographs. It’s a breathtaking spot to enjoy the sundowner with outstanding views of Table Mountain, the Ocean and Camp’s Bay.

Victoria & Alfred Waterfront

Victoria & Alfred Waterfront is one of the massive tourist attractions in Cape Town city, the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront suggests images of the early activities of the harbor. Much of its attraction lies in the fact that this busy marketable harbor is set in the middle of a vast entertaining site with pubs, theatres, restaurants, craft markets, specialty shops, and cinemas. Located in between Table Mountain and Robben Island in the heart of Cape Town’s functioning harbor, the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront has become South Africa’s most visited tourist attractions in Cape Town. Set against a background of outstanding sea and mount views, entertainment venues and exciting shopping are intermingled with creative office sites, hotels luxury apartments and world-class in the residential marina.

Boulders Beach

The beautiful Boulders Beach is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Cape Town city and the only destination in the world where you see the African Penguins. Without doubtfully Cape Town has no lack of spectacular beaches, but Stones Beach in False Bay gives something more special of African Penguins in all their briskly clothes, right under your nose, and grandeur waddling.  Boulders Beach isn’t just an individual place for penguins, it’s also prevalent for family and friendly swimming beach where children can climb over the boulders, swim in the cool, and clearly false beach.

Clifton Beaches

The Clifton Beaches is one of the biggest and most stunning attractions in Cape Town. Clifton Beach is actually made up of four parts; the names are called Clifton first Clifton Beach, second Clifton Beach, third Clifton Beach and fourth Clifton Beach. These are all the Cape Town’s most famous beaches, filled with sun lover in the summer season. Clifton First Beach is the tiniest beach, drawing a mixed crowd of surfers and locals. Second Beach is visited by adults/youngsters beachgoers and students, beach bats and playing beach volleyball. Third Beach is a gay beach, most popular with men gays. Fourth Beach is specifically famous for the trendy and young and is typically busy in the summer season. The sea is very cold, so this beach is more for tanning and enjoying the beach atmosphere than for swimming.

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