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Things to do in Shanghai

The Shanghai is one of the best holiday destinations in the world that evoke excess glamour, exotic promise, mystique and so much history. It is also an abode for the world’s second-tallest tower. The place is a treasure chest of architecture which is applied to many Shanghai attractions and also a suitable place for the shopping, entertainment, and arts.

Shanghai attractions

The restaurants of the city are another level of experience in your visit to the city and everybody must try the gastronomic activities done there.

Here are some of the Shanghai attractions that the place insists their visit.

The Bund:

It is the standout landmark in the Shanghai attractions and is the first stop for the visitors. The historic architecture abodes and the famous restaurants, boutique stores, hotels, and bars attract every citizen and visitor. The Shanghai museum escorts you through the expertness of the Ancient Chinese Bronzes and Sculptures gallery.

Shanghai attractions

The restaurants at The Bund are hugely influenced by the French touch. When you visit Shanghai, you are not there just for food but for the bingo nights with the family under wonderful wonky atmosphere.

The Jade Buddha Temple:

The temple if one of the few active Buddhist monasteries which are made up of pure Jade. Within the temple, there are many architectural wonders crafted according to the Chinese traditions. With all these beautiful statues and temple this is considered as one of the Shanghai attractions.

Shanghai attractions

The temple is filled with the statues of the mighty kings and monks made of different metals like copper-colored etc. On every Lunar new year over 20000 Buddhists pray for the prosperity which adds color to the Shanghai attractions.

West Lake:

It is the classical beauty of the Shanghai attractions. Walkways, benches, parks, and gardens surround the lake and enhance the beauty of it. Seeing the beauty of the lake, one must be lost in it. On public holidays crowd at this place really a complication.

The musical dancing fountains come into action at regular intervals entire day and night to add entertainment to the beauty. The great way of moving around the lake to explore the Shanghai’s attractions is with a bike ride or walking on the sidewalks.

Yu Gardens:

With sparkling pools with aquatic animals, pavilions, pines these gardens are one of the premiere Shanghai attractions. Near the gardens, a bazaar will be there where all kinds of the decorative things in the home will available at low prices.

After undergoing a lot of process of restoring the gardens from the attacks of French rebellions, the gardens are now perfect with lots of colorful flowers. The cherry trees and stunning dawn redwoods add beauty to the gardens.

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum:

The science and technology museum, a unique experience in a city like Shanghai and it stands as one of the most visited Shanghai attractions. The museum offers visitors with the modern discipline methods to experience “nature, people, and science”.

The museum also contains a lot if IMAX theatres to make visitors experience about the science and the exploration that can be done in it through large 3-D format theatres. The museum also provides many events to enhance the perception of the visitors in their lives of the science.

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