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More Tips for Traveling on Your Own

If you have decided to travel on your own, you will have a great chance to learn more about yourself while seeing a new place. Being on your own as you travel means that you will be able to completely tailor the experience to how you want it and you will not need to compromise in terms of the things that you want to do. With that said however, there are some practicalities that you will need to take into account to assure your safety and that you have the best time that you can. A little planning and thinking ahead can go a long way while traveling on your own.

Pack Wisely

Traveling on your own means that there is not anyone else there to combine luggage with so you will have to pack wisely. Remember that in general less is more and that you should not pack things that you cannot afford to lose. One of the classic missing items nightmares for solo travelers is lost travel documents and ID’s. A good idea to proactively work against this is to make copies of your documents in case of emergency this will greatly increase the pace that they can be replaced. Also, as a last note, be sure to pack your camera. On your own taking pictures will help you remember the experience and can also act as a conversation starter with strangers.

113_558805981751_841_nUse your instincts

Traveling on your own doesn’t mean you should allow anxiety and fear of strangers to paralyze you, but it does mean that you should follow your instincts if people, situations, and places you are in don’t feel right. If you do end up in these situations, try to gracefully slip away without alerting those around you to your concern. There are a number of tactful excuses that could be used, perhaps the best is that you are meeting a friend and have to leave. In order to avoid anxiety it is a good idea as well to avoid using ATM machines at night and in poorly populated areas. Also booking your accommodation in advance will help alleviate lingering anxiety and ensure that you have a safe haven to retreat to at night. Look to only book well reviewed hostels and hotels that are in areas of town that are heavily populated.


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