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Tips for Traveling on your Own

Traveling on one’s own can be a great opportunity to push ones boundaries and enjoy significant personal insight and growth. Seeing the world under your own steam and doing it your way is an experience that can not be downplayed. Still, what usually scares people away from the experience is the fear of both real threats and perceived threats to their personal safety while traveling. Below we are going to discuss a few considerations to get the most out of your solo travel while staying safe.

Put some thought into your destination

The foolish traveler just goes somewhere with out knowing anything about the place. Sure, for some reason that you can’t even discern you have always wanted to go to Morocco. So with that sense fueling you its now time to learn more about Morocco and the realities you will face if you visit there. Some basic questions you need to consider before going somewhere – especially on your own – include: what are the language restrictions, how much does accommodation cost and are their options for solo travelers, are there any safety concerns? Think of the possibilities of ways to have fun and avoid misfortune before you leave as to make sure you have the best time that you can.

Connect to the place and other travellers

With the marvel of the internet there is a great opportunity to meet people and do things in foreign countries at an unprecedented level. Consider looking into web sites like or couch surfing to be able to find groups of people abroad looking to connect. Beyond the opportunities that cyber space provides perhaps it could be fun to take a language or cooking class while abroad. The possibility is also there for you as a solo traveler to sign up for different tours as well which will both connect you to the place you’re visiting.

Stay connected

Staying connected with your friends and family is a good idea while traveling alone. Using social media to at least keep a few close people in the loop will give you a safety net in case anything was to happen to you. If you travel somewhere and just fall off the grid completely, as some solo travelers do, no one will know if there is a real issue to your safety going on. Not to mention using your social media links, and the networks of your friends, can potentially put you in touch with people to meet in the destination you are going to.


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