Italy Tourist spots
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Top destinations in Italy

Italy is an abode for many of the world’s greatest art, architecture and gastronomic activities which move the human heart so much that no other place can do it.

Italy Tourist spots

The real reveal itself when you find:

  • The serenity of Venice at sunrise
  • The ethereal light on the Tuscan hills
  • Amazements in each and every corner you turn.

Here are some amusing and amazing Italy tourists spots that are must visit:

Italian Lake District:

It is an abode for many foremost musical talents, artists, writers and many Italy tourist spots. The masterpiece of Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper, this art has broken the records of the visit of any other art. After that take a ride to the Lake Como surrounded by the snow-capped mountains, produces some breath-taking views.

Italy Tourist spots

Get on to the Bernina Express, the railway route takes you through the Swiss Alps, the most beautiful and astonishing scenery in the world. The district also has many other beautiful Italy tourist spots to explore; we can come to a conclusion that it is a never-ending journey.


When this place comes to the Italian mind, the first thing they think off is the white sand and clear waters. Apart from the beaches, the coastal drives and the puzzles of the history thrill you. Boat tour takes you to the beautiful islands of La Magdalena which have some swimming spots on the way.

Cannoneris Nature Reserve forest exposes you to nature and time travel since the forest also contains ancient stone buildings dates back to 1500 B.C. This place makes you experience all kinds of emotions in you, and it is also considered as one of the most beautiful Italy tourist spots.


The largest archaeological site in Europe and only active volcano in the Europe continent where many of the astonishing Italy tourist spots are situated.

The charming island of Capri is just a boat ride away from the Naples port. Blue Grotto and the island caves are the main things to explore at the spot and is one of the best holiday destinations.

You can also visit the Mediterranean island, the island of Capri from the Naples itself. The craggy coastline, hilltops, and colorful harbors enhance the value of your lunch from the local restaurant.

Along with this coastal beauty, discover the ancient architecture and history of the Italy tourist spots, which amazes you.


The morning starts with the visit to the two world’s famous art museums and academic gallery. It continues as a walking tour to the historic center. And then the trip diverts to the original Italy tourist spots, the Elba Island which bears more than 150 beaches.

The seven wonders include The Leaning Tower of Pisa located along the Arno River, which still bears the whole weight of the tower without any violations. There are many other indescribable Italy tourist spots in the city to visit.


Journey to the Rome is like a journey into the past and also called as a historical powerhouse. The trip is divided into two stages.

Ancient Rome:

This stage includes the whole historic monuments like ColosseumCapitoline museumsRoman Forum, Palatine Hill.

Non-Ancient Rome:

This part includes the modern museums and churches like St. Peter Basilica, Vatican museums, Trevi fountain and modern streets where they are commercially improved.

These destinations are considered as one of the finest Italy Tourist spots to visit.

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