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Staying in touch while travelling is a huge part of the travel experience for not just yourself but for those that you meet and care about back home. If you’re lucky enough to be able to get out there and see some of the world, chances are you have some friend or relative that isn’t and is living instead vicariously through you and your adventures. Don’t be rude – stay in touch!

It’s easy to say they should just get out there and do it, or that it’s their choice not to, but some people can’t because of a physical impairment, obligations they can’t get out of, lack of money or they just aren’t as brave as you. It takes very little effort on your part to stay in touch with them and it may make all the difference in their lives if you do. Add in the benefit of being able to stay in touch with new people you meet so you can talk to them when you get back home or meet up later on in your travels and you’d be stupid not to have some sort of communication technology on hand when you travel.

Some people really do want to just cast off all the modern conveniences when they take a break on their travels, but having just one of these devices on hand can drastically improve your overall experience. Consider bringing one of them along on your next adventure!



You really wouldn’t want to use this while on the road if you don’t have the right SIM card or are outside of WiFi range, but if you are able to, it makes everything easier. From making reservations at a restaurant to calling a friend to let them know you made it okay – your smartphone is your internet and phone all in one. Add in a camera that most of them have and you can capture almost every aspect of your trip and fit it all in your pocket.


These have come a long way from those little bricks that you needed a stylus to operate and it could only jot down notes, but modern travellers are crazy not to have a tablet on hand. From loading them with movies during downtime to typing a quick email, to web conferences in a café to your grandparents back home, a tablet is a convenient and versatile way to stay in touch. Couple it with a portable keyboard and it’s just as good as a full computer.

Even cats prefer laptops… much warmer to lie on.


That being said, there are still things a tablet can’t do as well as a laptop. With more power comes the ability to do more, especially when it comes to storage. Brining a laptop is a great companion to the other two devices as it’s a place to edit pictures, save your work and communicate with others in a more comfortable setting. I can seriously see not using these at all in a few years with more advances to tablets, but I would still rather blog or have a webcam chat over my laptop than my tablet… for now.



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