Travel Photography Tips for Your Next Australian Adventure

Photography is not all about the camera. It is also not about the beautiful images we can create. It is about sharing compelling stories. Photography is a tool used for creating understanding and awareness across communities, cultures, cities, states and countries.

Successful travel photography comes from visiting interesting places and through proper planning. Carefully think of what you want to achieve at the end of it all and what equipment you will require to meet your objective.

Here are some travel photography tips for your next Australian Adventure

1. Research Your Location

Read every material you can lay your hands on about the place you want to visit especially the social media and local newspapers. Local news that may not reach the international media will give you some extra information about the particular place you want to visit. If you can, contact other photographers that have ever visited the site and get to hear what they have to say about your destination.


Image Credit: TheCanvasFactory.com.au

2. Be Sensitive and Authentic

One of the easiest ways you can make some compelling images of people is by being authentic. Making candid images is a skill every photographer should develop which requires you to respect the subject and build a good relationship. Talk to people. Even if it is just a simple nod of acknowledgment, greeting, an explanation of what you are doing or a long conversation.

3. Know the Equipment you are Using

Get well acquainted with your camera. Don’t waste most of your traveling time trying to learn how to operate a new camera, flash or lens.


Image sourced from Au.pinterest.com

4. Pay Attention to the Light

Paying attention to the light depends on the time of the day you are taking your pictures. The best light to capture most kind of subjects in Australia is the golden hours. One hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset.


Image courtesy of Pixabay.com

5. Understand the Rule of Thirds

If you literally third a photo- add two lines horizontally and two vertically. Where the lines will cross each other is where your subject should be. This is the way you can objectively make a good image. However, photography is too subjective; you could position your subject right at the center and result to be the most beautiful photo you have ever made. So remember, this is really not a rule but more of a guideline.

If you are planning to visit Australia on your next vacation, then you will be spoilt for choice on what to capture. Australia is the home of beautiful and amazing landscape ranging from the Australian mountains to the tropics that consist of woodland, rainforest, mangrove swamp and also the desert.

Bottom Line: Use Your Shots Well After the Trip

On return from your holiday, consider what next to do with your pictures. If you have some fantastic frames, you can enter a choice to a travel photography competition. Alternatively, you can get your work printed on canvas and display it in your office or home. You can also choose to use them to make some extra few coins by uploading the files to a stock image site.


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