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This is part of a series on exposing people to different places in the world, broken down

by region and sub region, so they might get a better idea on where to start if they are
thinking about travelling. The world is a great big place and if your intention is to see it
all, sometimes it helps to break it into parts:)


For many people, Europe is the first place on their itinerary (if they’re not already from
there!) and for good reason. With so many cultures crammed into such a relatively
small area, a traveller can see a lot in a short time. From language to food to religion to
weather, Europe is a diverse and fascinating place to see and regardless of if it’s your first
stop or your last, you are sure to find something that expands your mind.

Britain and Ireland
For many English speaking people, this is the land of their ancestors and a top destination
the world over. You wouldn’t think so much power and influence could come from a few
islands off the mainland, but once you meet the people and experience the landscape,
you’ll see just how resilient they are. You can find some of the best holidays in Dublin and London!

Including the countries in the Northwest of Europe from Denmark to Finland and all the
way out to Iceland, Scandinavia is a trip unto itself. Situated a decent ways away from
the rest of the major destinations, these countries have developed unique cultures and
ways of life that take advantage of their long coasts and barren landscapes. Great winter

Western Europe
The heart of most people’s European dreams, this includes Spain, France, Italy,
Germany, Switzerland, Austria… the list keeps going! Powerful empires in their hey-
day, now thriving nations (largely) with historical sites and cuisine almost unmatched by
anywhere else in the world, it’s easy to see why so many people make Western Europe a
cornerstone of their travels.

Eastern Europe
Where the dividing line between east and west is often up for debate, but the small
countries lining the Mediterranean up until and (maybe) including Turkey offer cultures
that stand apart from their western counterparts. Going to Eastern Europe is a much more
affordable venture than the west and home to many hidden gems unknown to the tourist
population – for now.

Russia and the Baltics
There is no other way to say it – Russia is massive, and while most people will only
venture to the western cities of St. Petersburg and Moscow, taking a trip out to the far
east where the lines between it and Asia are harder to draw is the adventure of a lifetime.
Make sure you check out the countries separating Russia from Western Europe – they are
a strong and proud people with a culture to match.


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