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Travel to North America

This is part of a series on exposing people to different places in the world, broken down
by region and sub region, so they might get a better idea on where to start if they are
thinking about travelling. The world is a great big place and if your intention is to see it
all, sometimes it helps to break it into parts:)

For such a massive continent, it might be hard to believe there are only three countries
that comprise the whole area. Sure, there are islands off coasts and where the line
between south, north and central may seem arbitrary, but for the most part, if you go to
North America you going to see Canada, the United States of America or Mexico. While
the northern two countries may seem remarkably similar compared to their ally to the
south, foreigners to North America may be surprised to learn just how different Canada
and the U.S.A. really are.


At first glance Mexico may seem like nothing more than a new world form of Spain
but this would be ignoring so much of what makes Mexico special. The staple food
of Mexico is corn and you can see this in almost every dish available. You wouldn’t
be far off to say Mexican food rivals Italian and Chinese for the most popular food
on the planet, as the rich flavours and aromas win over many a traveller. If you visit
the enormity that is Mexico City, the beautiful coastal towns that seem to reach out to
eternity or the deserts that humble even the most journeyed traveller, you’re sure to have
a fantastic time in Mexico. Just beware of the drug wars that have become an issue in
some parts, particularly along the American border.

United States of America
With 50 states that stretch from the southeast tip of Florida, up to the New England
states, across to rainy Washington and down to California, you might think each state is
more like it’s own nation – and you wouldn’t be far from the truth. Many of the states
have a distinct feel and culture so that even though you’re in one country, you can’t say
you’ve seen it all by just going to one city or state. With badlands, forests, mountains,
lakes, rivers, beaches, farmland and cities, the United States has something for everyone.
Don’t forget about Alaska and Hawaii, which are considered special vacations even for
Americans themselves. There are so many incredible places to visit! Before you book a trip, keep in mind: certain European countries may need to apply for a visum usa-ESTA online.

The second largest country in the world has a population that matches the state of
California or the metropolitan area of Tokyo, so as you can guess, there is a lot of open
land in Canada. Part of the allure of seeing Canada are these wide expanses of untamed
wilderness from rocky coast to rocky coast. You would be fooled if you thought there
was only nature to see on a Canadian vacation, for the culture of Canada is known the
world over for being welcoming and inclusive. Like the U.S.A, with which it shares the
world’s longest undefended border, Canada is a massive country that is very different
from region to region. Many people start in Toronto or Vancouver, but if your trip is
limited to those two cities, you have only scratched the surface.


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