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Travelling is Like a Good Pair of Jeans

If I had to choose a piece of clothing to relate travel to, I would choose a good pair of jeans.

We all have a favourite pair of pants – those that just make us feel comfortable, relaxed,
confident and impossible to imagine life without. For some it may be stretchy yoga pants
(I’m a big fan of those too… but probably for different reasons), or for others they might
steer towards old denim like I do. Sure, there are other pants out there that we wear
for special occasions, to make us appear differently to others or what we think we’re
supposed to wear, but it won’t take it away from that one pair that we truly feel home in.
Did I lose you on that metaphor? Let me explain.


Everyone has responsibilities in life that need to be taken care of before we can do what
we actually want. Even the most carefree of spirits has to pay the bills somehow and to
do that, you may have to do things that aren’t your first choice. You might really like
how that pair of dress pants flatters your figure or makes you appear strong and tall, but
admit it – if you had the choice, you’d much rather wear what you really want.

Whenever I’m out on the open road doing what I love to do, I feel as comfortable and
confident as I do when I’m that old pair of jeans – especially if I’m on the road IN those
jeans. Even if it’s a place I’ve never been to and going to do something I have no idea if I
can even do, it just feels right. It feels like I was meant to do it. It feels like my jeans.

And sure, to continue the metaphor, there are times when I would rather not wear any
pants! Even the piece of clothing I turn to whenever I need to feel good isn’t always
what’s best for me. Sometimes I just want to pull up and out, move into the woods and
cut everything out, often if I’ve been travelling for too long. There is such a thing as too
much of a good thing and that’s why it’s good that I can take those jeans off when I need

But what it all comes down to is I keep coming back to travelling. When I get stuck
in a rut, having to do certain things that cross the line on tedium and having too many
expectations of life and myself, I think of the simplicity of getting out there and it makes
me feel better. I think of my jeans.

For even though I can’t and wouldn’t want to wear them all the time, it’s good to know
they are there.


Wandering the Earth for truth, love of life and to make a difference however I can.

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