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Trees have always blown me away ever since I learned about the rings they have in their trunks. They don’t move, often outlive us all and clean the air that we breathe – that’s pretty amazing. Despite moving onto and beyond a more industrial age that doesn’t rely on timber to the same extent we once did, it’s pretty amazing how many products we use come from trees and how often we take them for granted.

A simple tree on a horizon can make a beautiful backdrop; a group clustered together can be a great place to explore and a suitable habitat for animal life and other vegetation. There is a point at which trees won’t grow and there are places where you’d be hard pressed to keep them from sprouting. There are giant trees a few decades old and tiny saplings that are centuries in age – I don’t know why, but I find this incredible.

Forests don’t rank too high on people’s ‘must see’ lists because, well, the really impressive ones are hard to get to and they don’t offer the kind of wow factor structures or other natural elements do. Even still, they are still impressive to check out and can definitely put life into perspective. For even as people are the dominant beings on the planet, forests have outlived us all – and likely will continue to do so.

Here are some of the forests/jungles I’d love to check out:

AmazonRainforestAmazon Rainforest

This has to be one of the most famous forests in the world and the most popular one cited when it comes to conservation of natural places. From tribes of people to native plants that are only found here, it’s an incredible place teeming with life and mystery. Plus, the Amazon river is the widest in the world – that would be pretty cool to see too.

British Columbia

Just take a drive from Vancouver to Whistler and try not to be blown away at the number of trees that wind and bend with the road up the mountains and out to the sea. It’s a magical place that seems like time just forgot about it, even if it is being cut down as well.


Vast, sparsely populated and harsh even in favourable temperatures, Siberia is that place that just humbles you to even hear about it. It’s forests seem so numerous that logging it can’t be catalogued properly, but passing through it on a trans-Siberian rail journey will make you realize how important they are to the natural identity of this land.


I’ve always been amazed at Madagascar for the sole reason of those giant trees that look like they belong in dinosaur ages – and I’m not far off of that. An island off the coast of Africa that really hasn’t changed much since then in many ways would definitely be worth checking out if I got the chance!



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