What Sani Resort Has to Offer Parents

When it comes to finding family-friendly holidays, I think a lot of parents are prepared to sacrifice having great facilities for themselves for the sake of finding somewhere that has lots to keep the kids occupied. I understand that – after all, grumpy children never equate to a fun getaway – but there are destinations where you can have the best of both worlds, like Sani Resort.Located in Halkidiki in Greece, Sani has a really strong reputation for being brilliant for families, and most people tend to focus on what it is has to offer kids. So, I thought it’d be nice to look at just how much it has for parents, too; I’ve listed what I think the top amenities are below.1)  Spas
Sani Resort is home to four hotels, all of which promise a great family atmosphere. Head to the Porto Sani Village & Spa, though, and you can expect a real treat. The spa here is the absolute perfect place to relax, especially since you can enjoy a variety of aromatherapy treatments – including tailor-made ones.

Plus, you can lounge in the spa pool, sauna or steam rooms to your heart’s content. Generally speaking, only over-16s are allowed in the spa pool, which gives it the tranquil ambience you’d expect from a spa. That said, under-16s are allowed in said pool between April and October from 8:00 to 14:00 local time, provided they have an adult with them.

2)  Adults-only facilities
Family-friendly resorts usually have features like kids’ pools, so I think one of the nicest touches at Porto Sani is that there’s an adults-only pool. This means that even if you’re travelling with little ones, you still get the chance to take a relaxing dip without being splashed by boisterous children – always a bonus!

3)  Kids’ clubs and childcare
Ok, so at first glance it might look like I’m beginning to talk about what the destination has to offer kids but, while clubs and childcare certainly count as entertainment for them, I reckon they’re just as good for parents. After all, not only do they keep the children happy, but they also give you a break from taking care of them.

So, you get the chance to really relax. When the kids are out at their clubs (Porto Sani offers care for little ones from four months to 17 years old), it’s the ideal time to hit the adults-only pool, relax in the spa or laze on the beach.

4)  Sports and activities
Another great thing about coming to Sani is that there’s just so much to do, it’s virtually impossible to get bored. If the gym’s your thing, you’ll find ample facilities at the Porto Sani hotel (including fitness classes), while the nearby Sani Sports Centre has experts on hand to help improve your skills at everything from football to Tae Bo.

Being a coastal destination, the resort is also home to loads of water sports facilities, like a PADI diving centre, while it’s also an ideal place for hiking. There are some pretty challenging routes, such as the path from Sani Beach Club to Siviri Village (this runs along a cliff-top, so it’s best done without the kids), as well as easier trails.

5)  Dining
Is any relaxing holiday really complete without a little fine dining? I certainly don’t think so. Sani Resort is packed with great restaurants, especially around the bustling marina (Tomata has a particularly good reputation). There are also ample dining facilities in all the hotels; Porto Sani, for example, has the fantastic Artemis Restaurant, which serves up an impressive breakfast and delicious a la carte dinner.


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