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Where I’d like to Spend 2013

Every year I think of places I’d like to go – sometimes as a dream, others as a definitive plan. These are usually based on my dealings with other travellers and whatever history I’m currently infatuated with (I read a lot…) and then I just spin a big wheel. Sometimes saving wins… but I’m never happy when it does lol.

These are three places I would love to visit this year if I get the chance. Oh please let me get the chance…


Marrakech is calling me - what about you?
Marrakech is calling me – what about you?


Right at the top of my list for many years now is the small North African country of Morocco. I don’t really know what it is about this place that enchants me so, but I would quite enjoy visiting it. There’s something about the history that intrigues me, from it’s days as a bastion of Muslim culture to a French colony and then its current existence as a place caught somewhere in between. Years ago I had a friend who went there for a few months and they said it was one of the best experiences of their lives. I would probably spend most of my time in Marrakech or Casablanca, just soaking up the vibe of the cities, taking in the sights and seeing how they view the rest of the world.


St. Lucia

I haven’t been to any Caribbean nations but for some reason St. Lucia has been calling out to me. There have been so many beautiful pictures I have seen from other travellers who have spent weeks here at resorts, or from television shows where it is the backdrop – how could I not fall in love with the idea of it? Those giant mountain things that burst out of the water and make for the perfect photo spots or just a place to relax and reflect as the water rolls in is all a part of the image I have in my mind of St. Lucia. It also doesn’t hurt that I have a friend who is getting married there in the spring and I’m debating whether or not I can afford to go there for it. I’m leaning towards probably not but then again, what else are credit cards for?


Could never get tired of seeing this sight!
Could never get tired of seeing this sight!

North American Road Trip

I’ve been saying this for years, ever since I moved to Canada and got to driving age, that I want to drive from sea to sea – and as more time passes, my desire to do so only grows. For those of you not from North America, it really is a daunting task to drive from one side to the other and the country changes so dramatically that it’s impossible not to fall in love. I would probably cheat and break it up into two separate trips, as I’m located somewhere in the middle, but that’s not a problem at all. I would head west through Canada, stopping at the Rockies to take in those breathtaking views, then head to Vancouver before turning south to California and the coast before heading back east through the U.S. It would be about a 10 000 km journey and would take the better part of a month to do properly, but what an adventure! Maybe one day I would even drive as far north as I could too? I would do it in the summer (duh… winter is NOT road trip season in North America!) so I could probably camp out each night to cut down on costs and rough it a bit.


Wow… I’m really getting excited for this. Anyone want to tag along?


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