Wonderful Weddings Abroad: Our 5 Top Picks


Italian villas are always special and always give their occupants wonderful experiences that remain etched in their memories for a life time. It is little wonder why John Legend chose this romantic country to seal his vows with his model wife. For those aiming for elegant and exclusive weddings, then a villa wedding in Italy will be an excellent choice. Many of the Italian villas boast of sumptuous surroundings, spacious accommodation, pools, water fountains, labyrinths and spa, some have golf or tennis courts and some have churches on the ground which allow couples to wed and have the reception on the same location.


Kenya’s appeal lies in its variety of exotic destinations: from the jungles to luxurious resorts, from beaches to deserts and savannah grasslands. It is therefore impossible not to have an ideal location for any kind of wedding venue in Kenya.

If you want to exchange vows in the jungle then the Masai Mara Game reserve is ideal. Here, you can have your very own Maasai elder pronounce the vows in ancient languages overlooking wild plains. For a resort wedding the Safari Park Hotel is an excellent choice, for garden weddings you will be spoilt for choice and for beach weddings then Diani beaches are perfect. You can also experience island wedding in the culturally rich Lamu Island. The advantage of beach weddings is that Kenyan beaches are not private but are public hence you can organize your very own wedding with a glorious sunset as a background.


Cuba is a beautiful Caribbean island with pristine white beaches, waterfalls, lush tropical vegetation and ancient remains of the colonial era. You can have any setting for any kind of wedding from beach front to village and hotel weddings.

You can exchange your vows right on the beach front with the pristine sands and the sunset as witnesses. For a hassle free wedding it is better to organize with hotels such as Hotel Iberostar Varadero which apart from hosting excellent wedding facilities also has a collection of kayaks, catamarans and horses to add elegance to the stunning location.



Weddings are serious business in India and it is no wonder that locals spend so much time in preparation for the perfect ceremony which might be extended for days. It also has excellent destinations for weddings which range from places to beaches and even hill stations.

Goa is a top destination for tourists due to its splendid beaches and slow pace of life. It is also renowned for its romantic atmosphere which not only makes it ideal for weddings but also for your honeymoon in India. You may choose to exchange your vows in lush gardens of a luxury resort facing the sea or on a fine stretch of sand away from prying eyes.


Morocco is such an incredible destination where weddings can be done on different settings, whether you want resort wedding, desert wedding, beach wedding or even a Riad wedding. You will never lack an ideal location of choice on this glorious piece of Africa. Locals treat weddings as sacred and depending on the size of your pocket the local ceremonies may go on for days. After your wedding, you can treat yourselves to the intricacies of fine Moroccan hospitality. It is therefore an excellent location with varied options for weddings.


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